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Team well-being

Comfort is our trade, good sense is our nature, and well-being is our mission.

We believe the well-being our products provide should extend to every one of our stakeholders. Our employees who create the products, the people who use them, and the natural world that provides the materials from which they are built.

In 2030, we will represent a social mission contributing to the common good and the well-being of all people. Accordingly, we pledge to become even more sustainable, more transparent and, above all, less impactful on the environment.


Development of workstations

We’re taking every measure to ensure the long-term future of our expertise and the development of our 160 employees. 
In conjunction with a training programme geared towards the latest requirements and developments, guaranteed medical expenses and highly favourable welfare coverage, LAFUMA MOBILIER invests to ensure the safety and well-being of its personnel. Our investments include developing workstations, in particular, with ergonomic research, deploying a transfer trolley to facilitate the transport and cutting of steel stock, and more generally, comprehensive planning and development of our sites.

Intergenerational fraternity and collaboration

The LAFUMA MOBILIER brand is transgenerational! Our furniture range owes its conception in Anneyron to savoir-faire with fabric and tubes. As the inventors of the original metal-reinforced rucksack, the three Lafuma brothers turned their attention to the latest trends in leisure. Over the “30 glorious years” – the post-war period ushering in the introduction of paid holidays – the company developed to become the iconic brand it is today. Owing to its heritage, employees and customers relate to our brand on a personal level. Placing people at the forefront, this spirit of camaraderie endures at the company today.

Internal promotion and recognition of service 

People of every generation make up our teams in workshops and offices alike. Our most experienced personnel impart techniques and expertise, whereas our junior employees inspire a contemporary and dynamic perspective, upholding the company’s status as a fledgling start-up for almost 70 years! A combination of know-how, dynamism and agility is far greater than the sum of its parts.

At LAFUMA MOBILIER, the end of each passing year is marked with spirited celebration and togetherness.

Every year, we organise a staff day: a welcome occasion for sharing and camaraderie for our employees to celebrate the end of the year!
It’s the ideal opportunity to award medals of service to celebrate the major milestones of employees at the company, 
les Médailles d’Honneur du Travail

  • the Silver Medal, after 20 years of service;

  • the Ruby Medal, after 30 years of service;

  • the Gold Medal, after 35 years of service;

  • the Grand Gold Medal, after 40 years of service.

That’s right, our staff turnover is especially low at LAFUMA MOBILIER and these types of medals are not uncommon!

Welfare and Environment Committee

LAFUMA MOBILIER’s employees are making a difference!

The Welfare and Environment Committee (Comité Bien-Être et Environnement) is a volunteer taskforce of employees who convene on a monthly basis to discuss, propose and deploy internal measures relating to employee welfare, working conditions and reducing our environmental footprint on the historical Anneyron site.


In 2018, in keeping with its commitment to universal well-being, LAFUMA MOBILIER decided to create a relaxation room on site, equipped with several recliners. Our “siesteria” is accessible to all employees during breaks.

All members of staff are invited to get comfortable in a zero-gravity position, cover themselves with a blanket, and take advantage of the soothing environment with a revitalising siesta! 

Comfort and Well-Being

Quality of life at work

The quality of our furniture is commended by health professionals, including reflexologists and hospital staff, for whom our line of Reclining chair products is considered a benchmark. Initiative that inspires! In a cultural shift, companies are increasingly sensitive to the idea of well-being in the workplace. Therefore, Reclining chairs are the perfect choice to furnish a relaxation room or wellness area.

Designing a staff relaxation room?

Made in France

in our Anneyron factory